Shipping Masters has represented the Port of Montreal in Asia since 2012.

Carriers and end users have multiple gateways to connect to Eastern Canada from Asia. The Port of Montreal has been promoting trans-shipment services through North Europe or the Mediterranean ( with connectivity to multiple markets ) which are attractive options but need to be presented with clarity. Jeremy’s intimate knowledge of carrier economics as well as the North American market and his ability to clearly articulate the advantages Montreal enjoys, has been a key factor in carrier and end user awareness in Asia and helped facilitate a drive that has made Asia our No 1 growth market. 15 years ago we barely did any business to Asia. It now represents over 25 % of our business.

Jeremy’s background as senior trade manager in a carrier ( as well as running various regions ) has given him a very clear perspective on the drivers in port call decisions, the process and the contributing parties involved. He not only provides excellent on the ground representation for us then but his opinions are also highly valued on strategy matters.